Each of our classrooms are separated by age group and follow the Montessori Method of learning. Read below to learn more about what core skills each of our classrooms focus on.

Our Programs

Our childcare programs include ages 0 through 3 years old. Friends in our childcare programs are separated into two classrooms by age: our infants and toddler classroom and our two year old classroom. Our infant and toddler classroom focuses primarily on movement and independence while our two year old classroom learns fine motor skills, oral language, and concentration.


Classrooms: Bright Beginnings + Room to Bloom

Curriculum is not just what story is read or what art project is done; Educational opportunities exist in the simplest activities and most importantly, learning should be about having fun! ! Our caregivers will focus on practical life skills, manners, music & dancing, arts & crafts and most importantly building confidence! In addition, each week has a new theme to incorporate our music, language, science & sensory development.


Classroom: Building Blocks

Our enrichment program is for our 5-12 year old kiddos! This fun and social space was designed to engage our students’ interests while encouraging independence as well as collaborative experiences with peers. In this program your children will explore their sense of wonder, be celebrated for the individual that they are, and develop essential skills that will help them navigate the real world as they mature and grow.

Enrichment Programs

Classroom: Little Eagles

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