Little Eagles Enrichment Program

Our Little Eagles program was created with our 5-12 year olds in mind. This enrichment program appeals to a full range of ages, learning styles, and academic levels. Our enrichment program is a fun and educational after school place for your child to build confidence and self-esteem, explore creatively, develop collaboration skills, and grow their understanding of the world around them.

Students will meet their needs through exploration with self-initiated projects that engage the child’s interest. Our trained caregivers will guide them as they follow their sense of wonder and work independently and collaboratively. At Little Eagles we celebrate each child for their unique talents, personalities, strengths, and interests. Our teachers will observe and assess the children as they become leaders, explorers, and team members. We offer guidance along the way and encourage creative expression, good habits, and independence.

ages 5 - 12

school age

At Little Eagles the children will participate in a wide range of activities to further develop their academic, creative, physical, and social skills. We place high value on movement and spending time outdoors. Our students will have a healthy dose of free play as well as more structured activities such as music, arts, creative writing, sports, and more.

This nurturing after school program will help your child mature, socialize, grow, and learn in a safe and healthy environment. Our students will have fun while exploring their supervised independence and freedom and building friendships with their playmates and peers.


"My kids are not only well cared for, they’re learning and growing
every day."


"max's has really pushed our daughter to see what she is capable of and in her own time and way"


"max's has really pushed our daughter to see what she is capable of and in her own time and way"

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