Meet the Founder

Brandy Pohl

Hi there, I'm Brandy, founder of Max’s Playhouse and our sister program SEEDs. On a deeper level, I’m a passionate early childhood educator who does not shy away from a challenge.

But, honestly, it’s been a journey to get here. I have over 12 years of experience in childcare from YMCA outdoor day camps, private school long term maternity leaves, to public school substitute teaching. Then, after having my first child, Addi, I decided to startup my own unlicensed in home childcare. I also have directed a startup registered ministry childcare.

I believe whole heartedly that we need a systematic change to bring quality care to everyone - including our rural and child care desert areas. Community involvement sends a powerful message to families. It's one that says you are important. You are loved. You belong. And it's a message that, with it, holds the strength to empower every child in the world

Our Mission

It is Max’s Playhouse’s goal to provide high quality early childhood education that will meet the standards of Culver’s well equipped workforce and the early learning experiences needed to promote future success for those children. Max’s Playhouse will offer a cheery, nurturing and positive environment that parents will feel comfortable leaving their children in. We meet these objectives by hiring a well-trained staff that will implement a curriculum inspired by the Montessori Method.

Max’s Playhouse is licensed by the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, and meets the State and County requirements and regulations for health, safety, and nutrition program. Max’s Playhouse is rated Level 3 of 4 in Paths to Quality (PTQ), an Indiana Child Care Quality Rating and Improvement System..


"My kids are not only well cared for, they’re learning and growing
every day."


"max's has really pushed our daughter to see what she is capable of and in her own time and way"


"max's has really pushed our daughter to see what she is capable of and in her own time and way"


Director of Food Progam
& Camp Max



Director of Max's Playhouse
& Lead Montessori Teacher

Curriculum Coordinator & Lead Two's Teacher


Lead Preschool


Camp Max
Lead Teacher


Lead Infant

The Team


Lead Toddler



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