Building Blocks

ages 3 - 5


Our program draws from Montessori concepts, while still allowing time for traditional imaginative play. Creative lesson plans are designed to engage your child and prepare them for Kindergarten. In addition to core curriculum we'll have fun with morning exercise (Yoga, Ballet, Dance), manners & life skills.

The parents love our daily reports that are emailed to them at the end of the day. The email summarizes their child's day -- meals, naps, lesson plans and even allows video and photo sharing. One parents said, "I love it. It makes me feel like I'm in the classroom with them."

Our natural playscape outdoor area allows us to incorporate environmental science into our teachings. We'll have fun with all 4 seasons and each child has the opportunity to take part in caring of our plants and surroundings.

Never heard of Montessori? We'll fill you in. Montessori is a way of learning modeled from the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori. It is a teaching that believes children are capable of self-directed learning. The teacher is an observer of the child, rather than a lecturer to the child. Montessori teachings believe children learn by doing. The culture of the classroom is devoted to helping each child grow toward independence by building confidence, competence, self-esteem and respect for others. More than an approach to education, Montessori is an approach to life!



drop off
school begins, teacher greets children
circle time + morning stretches
montessori individual work time
Outdoor work

free play
outdoor work

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"My kids are not only well cared for, they’re learning and growing
every day."


"max's has really pushed our daughter to see what she is capable of and in her own time and way"


"max's has really pushed our daughter to see what she is capable of and in her own time and way"

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